Hello! My name is Doug and I just wanted to introduce myself to you and also share with you many ways to save money and improve your lifestyle. I have been in the public eye in retail sales for over 30 years. I have learned that some of the most rewarding events in sales is the ability to help your friends, clients and customers achieve a goal or reward. This has added a lot of pride in my career, knowing that I have actually helped thousands of people over the past 30 plus years.

My Career path.

I started out with Insurance sales. After that I moved to the automobile industry and I have helped lots of people get the car they wanted at a price they could afford. I worked on the finance side of their purchase.Together with the buyers we would figure out the best way to purchase or lease their new automobile. This was very rewarding to help each individual. Together, we wanted to get the best vehicle for their budget. I have worked solving many issues thru good and poor credit and many other obstacles along the way. Being able to help that person be happy with their purchase was our goal.

Here is what happened to me.

Life happens for a reason. The Dealer where I had worked for over 20yrs, sold his store and I was at a crossroads. I am too young to retire and wanted to continue helping families save money and that is when I found this new career with the help of the internet and youtube. I have joined the Blog with Rory team and surrounded myself with the best help team out there. Our team has spent years, days and many hours trying to find the best deals in the market for you and your family. We monitor these offers, secrets and little known ways to help our members make more money daily. Our team focuses on ways to save on what we have already budgeted so we can get the most from our hard earned dollars. In addition, we offer ways to make even more money and to help you grow and extend those goals. Most importantly we show you how and offer ways to achieve these goals.

How can we do all of this?

I plan to share as much of this knowledge of finances, business careers, and how to save money with the followers on this blog. Therefore, if I can help just one family save money that is ok. However, our goal is to help hundreds of you save money. Not just today but  help you over your lifetime to reach your goals. Here at Blog With Rory we are able to offer life changing career paths with offer proven legit careers. We show you where to shop to get the best prices on just about any item you want or items you use daily!  We will offer and share our teams vast and diverse knowledge to help thru many of life’s trials and tribulations. Our team will offer information and products to assist you with weight loss, help with diabetes, and just about any health issue out there. Just bookmark this website and let us show you how.

One inspiring story!

I wanted you to get to know more about me. This is the reason for this self-bio. I always want to get to know a few more of you so I can help and learn with you. I have a 96 year old neighbor who has a fantastic view on life. Unfortunately, he just lost his wife from cancer. That happened one month short of their 70th year wedding anniversary  and at her funeral he spoke. I will not forget what his point was. He said that after all these years he can narrow his lovely 96 year journey down to 2 things that helped him through each and every day. He said that the first was love and that the second was knowledge. I know you can work on the first item, love with your own family. Consequently, the second item is knowledge and this is where we can help. He makes a point to try to learn something new everyday even at 96 yrs old.  I think our team can help with this second point, knowledge and together we will make a great team.

Let our team help you!

I want to share the benefits in this blog site with you and your family. This way we all are rewarded for these tips and offers. If any of this makes sense, just follow along and bookmark this site. Also, please sign up for our email list to keep up to date with the new trends on how to save and make more money. We will share with our followers up to date ideas and tips all the time.

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Saving money online in today’s computer and electronic device era has never been easier with our proven methods of helping others. This program has many ways to help you earn and save at the same time. You do want to check this one out if you want to start saving money online.

Saving money and earning money… How do members start saving money and where do I begin to get the knowledge I need?

Saving moneyWith the power the Internet, comes communication at the speed of Twitter.  With the reach of Facebook, and the imagery of Pinterest and Instagram, Wow!

Never before have we seen technology connecting us as fast. Social Media is what drives us trough the online platforms.  From Disasters to the Latest in the Hollywood or Sports Media scandals, we are more connected with each other today than ever before.

With more and more of the shared population globally joining in each and every second, of every hour, of every day.


The Communication Super Highway we call the Internet is creating more and more jobs, and resources made available.  More and more people are able to work online and create amazing incomes all from the comforts of home.  And I’m not just talking about the same ol’ low paying wages of being an employee.  I am talking about the ability to be a business owner, with unlimited profits and capabilities. Learn how to save more money with online shopping!

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The Best Nutritional Product is Here: Moringo Nutramatrix

The product that is Moringo Nutramatrix is extremely beneficial for all that consume it.  Thus, its health benefits and results speak for themselves.  Also, please review the Ingredient List.  And most importantly, get it, take it daily. As a result, within 2 weeks you will begin to feel and see the results in your health.  Also, we are living longer and longer, its time to make our quality of life and quality of health important NOW, to ensure our healthy futures.  In conclusion, that is the ongoing benefit of Moringo Organics.

Moringo Nutramatrix:  This is Nutrition that Everyone Should be taking every day.

This is something that you should absolutely look into getting into your body. Also, I know you care about your Health. This is the one Nutrition Product for overall health that you should be taking. In addition, with all the poor health reports showing a need to improve our health, We believe that this is the best nutrition to give your body. Check out the advantages to this product. Hence, you will surprised by all the benefits of this one product.

Moringo Nutramatrix The Multi-Purpose SuperFood -GET DETAILS HERE to get access to how you can get this amazing nutrition product.

Moringo Nutramatrix is the ultimate nutrition to give your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day and throughout your life. It is made from Natural ingredients. In addition, it is Loaded with Vitamins, minerals, Amino acids and Phyto nutrients. As a result, It works synergistically to provide you with complete nutrition and optimal Health.

We formulated a combination of natural ingredients by using a mixture of scientific research with our experience in the health products field. Thus, we have created a unique product that is more inclusive and contains higher levels of therapeutic value. Also, this is developed to provide multiple health benefits. From “Seed to Shelf,” Moringo organics ensures purity, potency, safety, and availability in our herbal extracts by following standards and guidelines set forth by the WHO, CGMP, USDA and NSF.

Moringo nutramatrixBenefits of Moringo Nutramatrix

1.  First of all, This Nourishes Body’s Immune System.
2.  Promotes Healthy Circulatory System.
3.  Supports Normal Blood Glucose levels.
4.  Also, It Reduces Cholesterol level.
5.  Regulates Blood Pressure.
6.  Increases Energy ,Stamina,Vigour and Vitality
7.  Helps prevent degenerative arthritis,relive rheumatism and osteoarthritis
8.  Support for Insomnia,cough,cold,flu,and chest congestion relieves upset stomach
9.  Also, it may help to increase Fertility,motility and count of sperm
10  Natural Anti-Aging Benefits

More Benefits of Moringo Nutramatrix

11.  Provides Anti-Inflammatory Support,high in antioxidants with an ORAC value of 22,292 umole TE/Serving size
12.  Also, this supports Normal Hormone Level,promotes mental and emotional balance,reduces oxidative stress ,is a free radical scavenger
13.  Ability to support respiratory and digestive health
14.  Good for Cardiac health and are known to boost healthy arteries and heart by enhancing blood circulation and preventing cholesterol buildup.

15.  Also, this enhances Skin health, and promotes softer Skin.
16.  Nourishes the Eyes and Brain
17.  In addition, it Promotes Normal Liver Function
18.  Reduces the appearance of Wrinkles.
19.  Promotes Normal Serum cholesterol.
20. Promotes Healthy Cell Structure.

Look at the Benefits of this!!

21   Also it Triggers Metabolism
22.  Promotes Body’s Natural Defences.
23.  May helps to increase  energy in males
24.  It contains fulvic acid helps to improve the bio-availability of iron
25.  Also, It  helps in purifying blood due to its anti microbial action.
26.  It helps in healthy regulation of the nervous system,reducing depression,stress, and brain shrinkage.

27.  Improves the mental alertness and concentration protects from nerve damage,restore,rebuild nerve tissue
28.  May help prevent and control anemia
29.  Also Shields you against age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
30.  Helps the cell to nourish and help cleanse toxins out.  Therefore,Provides a sense of Well-Being.

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Moringo Nutramatrix Nutrition Profile

200 Nutrients———————————————————–Antidiabetic
19 Amino Acids——————————————————-Antistress
Also, 52 Antioxidants——————————————————-Antiasthmatic
84 Trace Minerals—————————————————-Antispasmodic
13 Essential Vitamins————————————————AntiCancer
3 Essential Fatty Acids———————————————-Antitumor
Also, 42 Anti-Inflammatories———————————————Antioxidant
20 Essential Minerals———————————————Anti-Aging
Moringa Oleifera————————————————–AntiViral
Also, Oregano Vulgare————————————————Anti-Inflammatory
Also, Pomegranate Peel———————————————-Antibacterial
Piper Nigrum————————————————–Antifungal
Vitamin B12—————————————————Antihypertensive
Also, Asphaltum—————————————————-Antiulcer
Vitamin C—————————————————Antidiuretic

Dosage Directions: Take 4 Capsules in empty stomach with water.  Also, store in a cool and dry place. In addition, one bottles contains 120 Capsules (One month complete course)

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

In addition, to enhancing the overall health of our clients, Moringo Organics is also dedicated to enhancing your financial health. Also, building on the visionaries who have come before us. Therefore, we have adapted their business model to market our breakthrough nutraceutical formulae with an unmatched compensation strategy. Hence, tremendous financial benefits are available with our direct selling approach.

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100 % Vegetarian,Dietary Supplement.

We here at Save Money With Doug want to help with not only your saving money needs, but also we care about your health.  Hence, we will be adding many more wonderful products and product reviews to help make life better for you and your loved ones. Please register to get our updates and news releases and much more by clicking on our register button and keep informed!

In conclusion, there are so many key ingredients that promote your overall Health within this single product called Moringo Nutrimatrix. Look into this for better health.

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