Blogging 102 – PBS Training

Blogging is a great way to combine your interests with these great products and services that Rory has already added to your PBS Training (performance blogging system). What we do is use content or articles to index in google search engines. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization that is the process by which Google figures out what questions your article answers people search requests. The more relevant that your article is to the search request someone is searching for that is how Google decides who has the best article to answers that request.

Blogging 102

Make sure you have all the tracking links in your system. Now any traffic that you do send to your system will give you the credit. And by now you should be introduced to our anchor offers and why they have such a large contribution to the success of the Performance Blogging System that we. Yes, everything from the URL to the Anchor Offers is part of the system so let’s start putting that together.

Response Magic

Response Magic is where people give you their contact information and that goes on a list. Now when you add new products and services. You want this to build relationships with readers and turn them into repeat customers of followers. This is where you can really do well for little work. you write one email and then send it to the whole list and get readers to return to your system time and time again. Your also able to advertise your anchor offers as well. Do not be afraid to send an email that does not have adds in it but just content that your readers would be able to enjoy reading or benefit from!!!

Step Two In Getting Your Performance System Ready To Receive Traffic

You, Will, find the specifics to adding and building your opt-in form on your RRR247 training page. That is the video that is right under getting your links added to your system. Please watch that and then if you need more help I have a video below that will help you with the specifics like adding the code to your widgets. That is what seems to get most people!!!


Modify Your Pages 50% or More!!!

Modify your pages and make them your own, You want to do this at least 50% of the article needs to be modified to say things differently than they are written. You do not need to change the topic just the way it is written. Add your own way of saying things and descriptive words. The YOAST guidelines are there to help you with creating content that Google is looking for and will best help you index high in the search engine results!! Just remember that the work you do today will repay you in the future over and over!!! The more effort you put into your system the more profit you will develop in the future!!! But first let’s get your response magic auto response system set up.

Modifying Your Performance Blogging System Making It Your Own

Now that you have your response magic added it is time to start Modifying your content and making that your own. This is actually changing the words and wording to make it your own. There are many different ways to say the same thing just in different wording. Just follow the Yoast guidelines at the bottom of the page. This guide will help you to create content that is SEO or search engine optimized which is the way an article is written to follow the guidelines that Google is looking for to present in Search Engines. Following these guidelines give you the best chance of indexing for a search request!!!

Blogging For Cash Enter Here This Is Where You Will Learn The Craft

watch episode one in the blogging for cash series. This will help you to learn how to modify your content. This is where you literally go through the articles and change the content to be your own. This sounds much more complicated than it really so does not get overwhelmed. All your going to do is go through and embellish the content that is there. You need to do a minimum of 40 to 50 % all the way through. You do not want to leave a long stretch of unmodified content. That will just set off the bots that look through the content to say you do not have original content. So make sure you edit your way through the whole article. Watch that episode of blogging for cash and see how the creator of the Performance Blogging System Does it!!!

There is a formula you want to follow

first you want to make sure you have added all the referral links to your system so that you get credit for any purchases. Next, you need to edit the content and you want to do that well as discussed above. Then each article that you have done you want to post and advertise to using social media and classified adds. That is where and how we prime the pump as Rory talks about. All part of the system that you follow. That is 50% of the time editing and creating new content. 30% of the time working social media and 20% just posting to classified free posting sites.

Training Map For Your Blogging System Set Up

Now there is too much information to sit and watch and then try to go do it all!! So you want to break it up into learn-able size pieces to mentally digest. Below I have divided the teaching videos up by topic and step!! You want to follow the training as listed below and realize you may have to watch 3 times, play and rewind and even watch the video on a different device if you have one!!! So let’s get started modifying your pages and system to be your own!!!


So the First video you should have watched is the video under the list of affiliates on your Performance Blogging Set Up Training Page!!!

This is going to cover changing affiliate links and getting your articles modified!! Please watch this video a couple of times in the process of editing your pages! I do recommend watching and rewinding and doing that part where you can! This is your future and the more you know and understand what it is that you’re doing the better and more efficient you can do it!!!

The next video you need to watch is under your step two on your Performance Blogging Training Page That is linked above. That is the video on editing your thank you page and setting up your response Magic and getting that started!!! This allows you to collect the names and emails of people that visit your system and to send them updates of new things and pages you have added!!! That is awesome and holds a lot of power for building relationships with your readers!!!

First step: Modify your #1 Anchor offer

No matter whether you have or have not yet joined Direct Cellars it is important still to get yourself ready for that Opportunity!! It is one of the major underlining Products that create the most draw or traffic!!! So you will want to join in time if you have not already and remember that this is your business and you want all the pieces that are current and working together with the system!! And when you take the wheel of a car it does not work right and the same with your blogging system you need the traffic!!! Direct to consumer wine industry is going to be the future of wine sales and we are just at the beginning~~~


This goes along with your Basic Training page as you go through. The first video allows you to go through and personalize your system to you!! This will show you how to personalize your names and photos for you and your system!! So get ready to start sending people to your system and have it personalized to you!!!

Blogging For Cash Episode 1,2,3,4

These episodes are all about modifying your content and learning to create your own relevant content. And how to find trending topics and products to add to your system. Remember that you are never done with your system!!! You will always be creating content and adding offers. Your mall grows and you add doors to your system. Remember that each article that you modify 50% or more is another article that is a doorway to your mall. But if you do not take this step and do it to the best of your ability then your holding your success back. So here we go welcome to Performance Blogging a hobby I love!!!!

Webinars Live Training Breaking Down Specific topics

The Webinars listed Below Should Be Watched As Your Editing Your System. You Want To Watch The First 2 as you are getting started. Knowing the terminology and how to get around is important. That is what these will show you in getting started. So here they are listed and remember start working on your system and your going through these videos!!! I teach them and still have to watch them to see all the content so remember that it is always great to review a couple times even when your an instructor!!! A master craftsman is never done learning and bettering their craft!!!!

  1. How to get your links from Affiliate Programs
  2. The Basics of What an Offer Page Is / How To Navigate

Now that you are through those episodes you really should be well into editing your system and getting things started. If you have not started the editing process!!! Also, you should be enrolled in the anchor offers and if not you really want to consider starting with Direct Cellars Now and getting that added to your system. This offer can be a life-changing offer and will totally affect the success of your blogging system. This offer will drive most of the traffic and you will post to these anchor offers the most as they are the strongest people movers. And that is what we are in the business of doing!!! So let’s get your anchor offer pages set up and edited and start posting to Free Classified Add Sites as well as social media!!!

Direct Cellars #1 Anchor Offer

Because Direct Cellars Is So Powerful it has a couple different training pages and many ways to build this offer!!! This is the win-win offer and your instructor should have told you why!!! 1 this offer drives the people to your system and gets them looking around and clicking!!! 2 this offer we build as a team so you literally benefit from your instructor’s hard work. Your instructor when you start will help you to get this page ready to start driving traffic to!!! You want to do this as your editing your system and that will start moving people to your system. You want to make sure you edit this page well so you get the SEO credit!!!

Blogging For Cash Episode 6 -Huge training Page for this Offer

Blogging For Cash Episode 19- This is where you can really put this offer into gear
(and you may want to as your instructor about the road to GOYA!!!)

Posting your Articles and Offer Pages To Classifieds this is a step you can do all the way through the Edit Process of all the other pages!!! And really you want to be doing it as soon as your links are changed and your response magic is added. This offer will help drive the rest of the offers and get you on your way to getting google Adsense the fastest. So as soon as your Direct Cellar page is complete and edited to your own words and content you want to start posting to that page!!! See you will not get indexed if your content is not original and you do not get the visit credit when someone clicks because you have not made it original to you that is why it is so important to create your own pages when you modify these existing pages!!!

Blogging For Cash Episode 5- Posting Links To Your Offer Pages

Here is where you learn to create a posting template and how you find and create great headlines!!! This is how you drive traffic to your system!!! Traffic is good and is what powers everything that we do!!! You will want to create posting templates for all the anchor offers and I really suggest making your anchor offers the first place you begin editing!!! This will give you multiple pages to post to and use to get people to your system!!!

Here are the other anchor offers and good posting pages!!!!

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 14

This is all about your theme based anchor offer pages and the power of ascension marketing!!! This is where the power of our own wine memes and social media marketing come into play!! We have social media marketing that enables you to have branded memes!!! Branding and developing your brand through your social media marketing is important!! Just like everyone knows what the Coke logo or the Nike brand is they will get to know your system through these branded memes and are an awesome addition to marketing your system!!!


Blogging For Cash Episode 10 – Vyapay Merchant Processing

You are going to see a Vyapay offer!!! This is a great offer to keep in your pocket while your out and about and will show great returns for getting people to use them for merchant processing or the processing of credit cards and monetary transactions!!! Great for any business large and small from your local store to your doctor’s office!! We can get them all with the best rates in the business and the technology leading them into the future too!!!

Blogging For Cash Episode 15 – Computta Has A Huge Draw For Digital Currency and it FREE

Computta is our PC micro mining program that you can earn by referring others and building people under you! its a totally free app to download and free to join. When you join you will then modify your page for this offer and there is a great section for this offer in episode 15 so enjoy your entrance into Digital Currency and the beginning of a huge change in the financial industry!! Cryptocurrency is here to stay and getting educated to what it is and how it works is staying ahead of the industry and that is where you want to be!!!!

Xceltrip- Changing the way we do travel!!! 

That is another anchor offer that is great for building a great opportunity!! You can earn huge when you put this in front of travel vendors allowing them to reach the world. Also providing a safe way to make transactions across the world. Also, this allows you to do business worldwide and get to places that otherwise do not have everyday banking!!! Putting the personal in travel. No first complete travel system on the blockchain platform and using digital currency for its transactions!!! Also, Free To Be An IMP!!! For more information go to their blog and read up and see what they are doing!! Go investigate and learn the amazing power this offer holds for now and into the future

Xceltrip Blog Go Here!!!

Valentus Weight Loss Solution – Awesome health category offer 

This is our weight loss coffee offer. We all know that the weight loss and health category is huge in the USA now!! Well here is a product that is working for the masses and you need to have this added and create a new stream of amazing income!! This will fill out the health category and is a needed ad to your Performance blogging system!! This is really a great opportunity as well!!! So Blogging for cash episode 21 will completely cover this opportunity and product!! And remember even if you did not join yet get the editing done and get the page ready for when you do!!! It has to be done anyway!!!

More Training to come but check out what we have now…