One of my favorite charities is helping the greyhounds that need forever loving homes. In addition, this is a fantastic group of people with giant hearts. They always need a few more donations to keep up with fostering, veterinary bills, and of course food supplies and more. Any help would be appreciated and the greyhounds will greatly be thankful to you all. You can help in one of two ways. First, a cash donation by using the links below to get to the website.  The second way is to join our Karatbars International Gold marketing organization and this will help KCREGAP (Kansas City retired Greyhounds As Pets) create more income. Karatbars is an awesome plan that will benefit many persons and you get a free gold savings account. By joining Karatbars International you benefit yourself and the organization creates more income. In other words, a win-win deal.


Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets (KCREGAP) is one of my favorite charities.  These wonderful and amazing animals make fun and loving pets. We always have too many Greyhounds that are Needing Loving Forever Homes and they are available charitieshere. Greyhounds are affectionate, friendly dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship and make terrific pets. Raised with their littermates, where they competed for affection, Greyhounds love becoming the center of attention as household pets. Greyhounds do not usually make good watch dogs. Their friendly nature is not really very threatening. Greyhounds adapt well to life as pets and need no more than a romp in the backyard or a daily walk to keep them fit.In addition, if you are not able to adopt but want to help with donations, just Go Here for more greyhound information….

Create Income for your Favorite Charity with a Gold savings account… Karatbars International has a wonderful charity/non-profit organization plan to help you earn that needed income for your favorite charity. Also, you create a Free gold savings account for yourself and help your charity at the same time. Check out the details by going here to start a Free Gold savings account for a win-win financial plan.