Create Income for Favorite Charity with Gold

Karatbars Charity plan can help your favorite charity earn more money while also helping many people with an opportunity to own their own 999.9 – 24K gold. This is is a win-win plan. People find it hard to save or just do not have a plan to do so. Also, charities always need a few more dollars to do their fantastic work.


Karatbars… Churches/Non-profit Organization And Charities

This is a simple way to help your favorite charitable organization and each donor will create a free gold savings account in 999.9-24K purity gold. If you need more information please watch the 28 minute video below. This is a win-win way to help yourself while you help your favorite charity. We just simply turn your currency into gold from an L.B.M.A. accredited refinery so you can save one of the most in-demand precious metal on this earth. Gold has been one of the most inflation proof currency over the last few hundred years. Karatbars International has made fine gold available to most in available small denominations so all can afford this precious metal. This is one of the most important features, almost anyone can purchase gold now with Karatbars.

Now we can create a free gold savings account and offer this to your church/non-profit organization. Then have all in the organization also create a Free account and buy gold in small increments with a small portion of each purchase going to the church/non-profit organization.  This is simple, and Karatbars handles all issues and safe delivery with Federal Express of all the Gold and Gold products that is purchased. This is available in over 120 countries and people all around the world are getting their Gold Savings Account. Watch this video below that shows how Karatbars makes all this happen.


Karatbars International has created this charitable plan so we all can save in Gold where a lot of us never thought this was possible before. There is a large problem with the savings rates here in the USA and any plan to save is a start in the correct financial direction. Why not save and create wealth in an asset that has proven for over 5000 years to be in high demand! This is a way not only to save for yourself but create a stream of income for yourself and your favorite charity. This will help many people and already has for Karatbars has over 450.000 gold accounts in 120+ countries. You can email me for more information by clicking on the World of Charity card below and join our email list for more information.

Lets help the world to save and grow our assets in Karatbars International Gold.

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