GUNAS – High Fashion Vegan Luxury

From Handbags to Totes and Briefcases for Laptops, GUNAS has created luxury, and they are all Vegan.  Not your usual leather attaches, or handbags you see everywhere.  These are inspired pieces of art available through the Passion and Handcraft of GUNAS.


Ethics and sustainability are the core founding principles of GUNAS. We believe that just being a vegan brand is not sufficient. We care about the planet as much as we care about people. It was important to know the individuals that made our product, to connect with the processes that go on behind the scenes. We started our production using small factories in the heart of Manhattan’s Fashion district. Also, working closely with the people that actually made our product made the whole design process so satisfying.

100% Sweatshop-Free and Animal Friendly

This effort then expanded to exploring and working with small home run workshops of manufacturers around the globe. We now source manufacturing from several different countries working with artisans from USA, India, South Korea, Portugal and Italy. We continue to seek new artisans that spark our creativity. As a result, we can bring you a diverse range of styles through our bags. GUNAS is a 100% sweatshop-free and animal-friendly brand.

Below are the direct links to the various selections and products available.  Looking for the special handbag, or Backpack, or Tote… these will surely please your eyes and mind:

  • NAOMI Vegan Tote by GUNAS
  • MELROSE Vegan Handbag by GUNAS
  • Also, RIDLEY Vegan Cross Body Clutch by GUNAS
  • Give the gift of High Fashion Vegan Luxury
  • Also, GUNAS Designer Vegan Handbags up to 90% Off!
  • EMILY 2 Vegan Clutch by GUNAS
  • PARIS Vegan Duffle Bag by GUNAS
  • Also, COUGAR Vegan Backpack by GUNAS
  • MONARCH Vegan Tote by GUNAS
  • HENRY Vegan Laptop Brief by GUNAS


Here is the background from the Designer Herself – Sugandh:


Vegan Luxury Design Starts Here


Hi there! I’m Sugandh, (Sue-gun-d) the designer and artist behind GUNAS. I have been trained as an industrial designer and am dedicated to utilizing my fashion skills and business acumen for a cause very close to my heart. Having grown up in India, a country where cows are worshiped and ironically also slaughtered for their meat and skin I witnessed this cruelty first hand and knew deep within that I had to do something about it someday.

Sugandh’s life story.

In 2001 I moved to the United States and received my Bachelor in Fine Arts, Industrial design degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. I also hold a Masters in Design Management from the Pratt Institute in New York. While at Pratt, I met a leather handbag designer. We had a long conversation and strongly disagreed over the effects of leather and the ignorance of its users. That’s when I had my big “Aha” moment. This was it! This is what I need to do. The Universe had given me a sign. So, as a part of my thesis I developed a business plan and came up with GUNAS, a 100% animal friendly handbag brand. I was already keeping leather out of my closet and knew there had to be several others that felt the same way.


Sugandh’s Vegan Designs are Awesome!

With the help of family and friends I put all my life savings into building GUNAS from the ground up. Hence, the initial days of entrepreneurship were hard and yet enjoyable. I started the company in my one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Also, I recall walking several blocks in the city on a daily basis carrying boxes of fabrics and samples for GUNAS a dream I knew I had to turn into reality. My passion and perseverance never became dull even for a moment. I’ve had to push my comfort zone and really put myself out on the line. In conclusion, I believe that when you are out to do good, all the forces of the universe will conspire to make things happen in your favor.

Family Values are at the core of her Vegan Design


In 2014 my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. As a result, I’ve never so strongly felt more responsible for leaving behind a happier and healthier planet for our future generations than I do now. As a result, I listened to my critics and deeply thank my early adopters. You’ve helped the brand evolve so much over the past years. Also, with your support, I aspire to continue making beautiful and meaningful products that appeal to everyone. This includes, saving the lives of animals and touching the lives of those that make our products, one bag at a time.



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