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So, exactly how will Rocket Italian help you master Italian?

The scientific theory behind our courses is the “chunking” process or Miller’s Law by Dr. George A. Miller.

This is based on the fact that the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. So, simply described, it is the breaking down of big difficult content into small easy parts or “chunks”.

Now, while it’s important to have a strong scientific basis for a language learning system, it’s equally important for you to know what works in the real world, from people who have succeeded at mastering one or more languages.

We have spent over 10 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t, we have surveyed polyglots (people who speak multiple languages), researched people who overcame often severe learning difficulties to master a language, used advances in web technology, and much more…

All to develop a ground-breaking system that will get you speaking and understanding the language you’ve always loved, no matter how old you are, or what your current Italian speaking ability is.

Also, Discover how the 7 powerful language acquisition success strategies in Rocket Italian will help you learn Italian no matter what your background is…

Built on practical success strategies

  • Learn Italian using modern scientific learning methods
  • Also, Uses the top 7 practical success strategies successful Italian learners use
  • In addition, You get the experience of over 10 years of research and development