Link Post Blogging for Dummies


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 Link Post Blogging for Dummies

Congratulations!  You are making the first step into truly making money online. You have so much to learn and there is a simple system we have put together here for you at Rory Ricord.

Remember I started, exactly where you are not more than six months ago, and I have started creating career income by doing exactly what Rory has instructed us to do.

I will tell you most people have an idea of what they want to do.  Maybe this isn’t your first time trying to do something online.  I will tell you, leave your baggage at the door and walk into a new world.

Think about it.  Where else are you going to get a mentor assigned to you, that will show you the ropes and has an invested interest in your success?  I tried other businesses online and some I made a little money and others I wasted ALOT of money.  Not necessarily because they didn’t work but they didn’t work for me.

The difference here is a true system that you have the coaching with out paying thousands of dollars.  Listen to your mentor and trust that they have your best interest at heart.  I also want to remind you they are here for your support, not to do it for you.  You have to be willing to learn and apply what you learned.

Now if you have made it to this page, I’m assuming you have your link post blog and fast track setup and your ready to get going. If not, what are you doing?  Go get it setup here: and select option 2 with your fast track.

Still on the fence? Thinking its a scam or a trick? Well here is a guarantee you can take to the bank!

The Guarantee Check it out!

Ok NOW, we are ready to move forward.  🙂

We have put together this page as a resource for all the top offers we are going to put on your site, and where to get the links.  You can also come back to this page for do’s and don’t s, and added tips to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.  Please read carefully.

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  1.  If you don’t have Skype yet then please download it with the link below.

You can search me by putting Doug Courtright in the search box. Locate Doug Courtright in Kansas City, MO. My picture (which is below) will be right next to my name as well! Send me a contact request ao we can get connected right away.


2. Also please download Dropbox as well.

Then send the email attached to the Dropbox via Skype so that I can get you added to the company dropbox.

3.  Once you have your site setup make sure to follow your fast track to the “T”.  Go ahead and sign up for all the affiliate banks that we offer.  TIP:

Your tax number is you social security number or equivalent

In clickbank there is series of questions answer “no” to all of them

Do not sign up for clickbank university…this cost $41 you do not need to pay that we will teach you everything you need to know!

When they ask for your website information give them (site info)

When they ask if you own the site the answer is “Yes”

For the description of your site put something along the lines of this: 

“I am part of the Rory Ricord Program and I want to have great product at great prices available to my customers all in a convenient spot so that they are able to get what they want without having to search for it” .   

But please put it in your own words!

That is where your going to find some of the highest converting offers that are on your site.  Then move onto video 1 with your fast track

4.  As soon as you watched video 1 and setup an appointment with your mentor to go over some of the most highest converting offers and any questions. These are for only people serious about making money online.  We are going to explain to you how to capitalize right now on these offers.  You get to leverage off of your mentor and their experience and skills.  $$$ (DONT SKIP THIS STEP or YOU WILL BE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE)

5.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday We have new training for you, directly from Rory Ricord! Make sure to put these as a priority and get the latest marketing training to make your blog profitable.

START TIME: 9p EST / 8p CST/ 7p MDT/ 6p PST Find your time zone

From your personal phone, DIAL IN (515) 739-1221

When prompted, enter ACCESS CODE  997454#

Set it in your reminders, calendar, set an alarm…Don’t miss your opportunity to “GET IT”, because once you “GET IT”…IT gets good for you.

Here at Blogging With Rory things are always improving and changing to help you make the money you deserve to make. Rory and I both believe you should have BIG MONEY coming to you so you can live your dreams. The whole RORY RICORD team wants you to be making the money of your dreams. If you do these steps and follow the training then you will no longer be dreaming of your dream life but living it. Are you ready to stop dreaming and start living the dream?



Congratulations again!  You have invested in yourself and setup your first franchise.  Yes! You have a franchise.  Like a McDonalds there are certain things that you have to do to be successful and actions you do not want to take or you will mess up the recipe of sucess with link post blogging.

This is not to scare you or limit you. These are just a few housekeeping items I need to make you aware of so that you can grow quickly and smoothly with your new business.

  1.  Do not change your URL.  You will be getting an email with a short code url, like, but different haha.  The reason for this code is to help with indexing with google.  If you want to name your site you will do that with the appearance tool and you get to name your site whatever you want 🙂
  2. Do not change the theme.  Again the Leslie theme is designed for simple navigation and again indexing.  When someone comes to your site they will tend to click around and with this simple layout they will easily find what they are looking for.
  3. Do not apply for adsense until you have posted at least 1000 ads.  We have to make sure you are getting plenty of traffic for easy approval.  Hint; go to .
  4. Do not install plugins. When you purchased this .site, you purchased a tech support team too! Pretty cool, huh?  So what that means is that anything major with your site they will take care of, like plugins, upgrades, downgrades, ect.  This also brings me to my next point, do not change your password.  This will block your technical team from maintaining your site.

Ok I think that’s all for all the housekeeping items.  Let’s get you into money making mode!  To do that, do step 1 by changing all the links and correcting the seo for the page and then promote that page.

Here’s all the offers we have on your site and where to get your affiliate links:

This is the listing of the Category, The Offer Page, and the Associated Location (Affiliate Program) where you can locate your own Affiliate Link for the Offer Page.

This will help you to get the links replaced with your own Affiliate Links (so you get paid) and in a fast manner.

Remember:  If you have any issues with this, get with your MENTOR.  They are here for you.

It is listed in order of the Category, the Offer Page, and then the Affiliate Program you need to get your own Affiliate Link.  Then Copy and Paste your Link in each location the current (holding link) is located.

Category Offer Page Affiliate Link Location/Merchant 2nd (Multiple Offer)**
Arts & Entertainment
Audio and Visual Needs Met Here! get link from your mentor
Best Price Online for All Music get link from your mentor
Books Books Books! get link from your mentor
Fire Fan/ United Games get link from your mentor
Toys and Games get link from your mentor
Video Games get link from your mentor
Beauty & Cosmetics  Beauty and Huge Online Savings is
BeautyBox 5 ShareASale/merchant is Beauty Box 5
CandyLipz is
 Clothing And Apparel
Clothes for women affordable fashion ShareASale/merchant is Cupshe
 GUNAS   ShareASale/merchant is GUNAS
 In The Mood Intimates  ShareASale/merchant is inthemoodintimates
Onecklace ShareASale/merchant is onecklace
 Prescription Glasses  ShareASale/merchant is
 Computers / Internet
Smartmining for Bitcoin Get link from mentor
 WP Starter Guide  CLICKBANK
  Cooking, Food & Wine
9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily CLICKBANK (search for coconut oil and find the item that mentions vinegar and honey.
Fat Burning Kitchen CLICKBANK
Fine Wine Direct Cellars: get link from mentor
(World’s Best) Coconut Oil!!! BRUNETTE MARKETING
  E-Business & E-Marketing
Paid Social Media Jobs CLICKBANK and BRUNETTE
Sociable (Social Media Marketing) BRUNETTE
Employment & Jobs
Click4Surveys CLICKBANK
Karatbars Gold Get link from mentor
 Legitimate Paid Online Jobs  CLICKBANK
Paid Surveys At Home CLICKBANK
 101 Famous Quotes from Alice…  CLICKBANK
Iron Man Suit Costume CLICKBANK
 Free Stuff
Free Stuff Mastery CLICKBANK
Deep Sea Gold Rush get link from mentor
World of Warcraft Addons CLICKBANK
Frozen Treat Frenzy  get link from mentor
GameLootNetwork get link from mentor
 Health & Fitness
 Nutripath  BRUNETTE
Weight Loss Solutions (SUB CAT)*** BRUNETTE
Learn American Sign Language CLICKBANK/ROCKET
 The American Accent Course  CLICKBANK/ROCKET
 Mobile Apps
Appportunity  CLICKBANK
 get link from mentor
 get link from mentor
 Fire fan/United games   get link from mentor
 Parenting & Families
 Speaking with 2-year old; How to speak with toddlers  CLICKBANK
 Software & Services
 Roboform  Roboform
 Epic Soccer CLICKBANK
 DRONES  Amazon – get link from mentor
 Verticle Jump  CLICKBANK
Spirituality, New Age &
 Black Ops Hypnosis  CLICKBANK
 Numerologist: Numbers are Science  CLICKBANK
Wealth and Money Magnetism: Live your destiny CLICKBANK
Mountain Directory CLICKBANK

This page is a great resource page for you to continually revisit.  Please bookmark.

If you are not a VIP, and want to get acces to all the offers with amazon make sure to check out for more details or connect with me or your mentor to talk about the benefits.