League Of Legends (LOL) is a time consuming game and requires a lot of skills to be the best. This program will offer you and teach you how to save time and some helpful tips to get you to the platinum and diamond levels. Also, only about 10% of players ever achieve this goal. As a result, with our program you will become an elite player as you use these tips and shortcuts to reach that top 10%.

LOL (League Of Legends) Builder Bronze to Diamond.


  • wanted to uninstall league?
  • disconnected or force quit a game?
  • raged on everyone and got reported?
  • intentionally fed the other team?
  • broke a keyboard or mouse?
  • thought about quitting the game?
  • tried to surrender after first blood?


No matter how bad your team is or how awful you think they are, you can’t rely onLeague Of Legends them to win more or to climb the ladder. If you’re one of the players that relies on your team to win games, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM!

You should probably go ahead and uninstall the game right now. When you make others responsible for winning a match, you no longer have any control over the game. The only thing you can control is yourself and how well you play.

Watch a portion of this video below to see how LCS Professional Doublelift views solo queue:

We’ve found a way to turn a Bronze Player into a Diamond player in just 60 days.

If you’re one of approximate 6 million players stuck in Bronze or Silver and just can’t seem to get out — you’ve come to the right place.

Also, If you’re looking to improve your skill and in-game decision making — look no further.

And, If you’re looking to escape from elo hell and climb the ladder to elo heaven — this will help you.

We’ve developed a system that is guaranteed to increase your rating immediately.

We call it LoL Builders Trinity Force.

It consists of an easy to setup desktop app. This delivers the best diamond player builds right into your in-game interface. In addition, a short training manual is included that contains all of the information you’ll need to start winning more. Also, you receive our specialized champion reports to make sure you’re playing the most powerful champions each patch.

When these three things are used together you’ll see an immediate increase in your skill and knowledge of League of Legends which gives you an advantage over your opponents causing you to win more matches.

Introducing LoL Builder’s Trinity Force

A simple three step process that has already changed the lives of over 25,000 League Players and counting.

League Of Legends

The Winning Builds App

The LoL Builder App is an application that imports the best Diamond Player builds directly into your in-game interface below the normal “Recommended Items” tab at the shop.

Weekly Insider Champion Reports

With the introduction of new champions and non-stop patches, we have watched over time as champion win rates rise and fall. Some champions have been nerfed so bad they’ve fallen off the face of the planet while others have been buffed so hard that everyone is crying for a nerf.

While some of the hottest winners and losers might be easy to identify, we have noticed that oftentimes the champions that win the most are not what people are playing frequently. As a result, these champions sit beneath the nerf radar with very high win rates Therefore, oftentimes they have over 60% on average, while everyone is crying about the newly League Of Legendsbuffed champions that don’t do nearly as well.

League of Legends changes so frequently that you cannot rely on a single champion for very long and must adapt to keep winning or fight through the handicap.

We’ve developed an advanced algorithm that combines summoner experience with champion popularity. This is to compile a report of the highest winning champions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Part of what makes this process unique is that we scan every ranked game played hourly. Also, we use live data so the champion reports are as current and accurate as humanly possible. Most other places use data that is oftentimes weeks or even months old. Therefore, if you want to be on top of your game, check this out.

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