Multi Level Marketing… Reality With Doug

Multi Level Marketing, Doug’s Reality has been an up and down journey. I have learned a lot in the last year and then I had that struck by lightning moment. That is I now see a clear and honest way to help many people make money online. I want to share this with all who want the reality of one or all of my many tools to make money, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Link Post Blogging.

My education is a BS degree in Marketing and I can use this to help fuel my passion – helping others to achieve a better financial situation for them and their family. Here I will share actual trials and errors that I have embarked on with my MLM’s that I promote and invite you all to be part of my team. Also, Follow along as I will update this page as we progress month to month and see how we grow and feel free to join our team.

What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

I am an analytical person who is very conservative by nature. I need to check things out (too much usually) before I can take a step forward. MLM”s are a business that help you share products and ways to market them to as many people as you can. In addition, you share your knowledge and support with others so they can be successful. This is the key. You help people (MY Passion) to earn an income and achieve their own goals. You help them to succeed and this makes you success, and then just duplicate the process.

My goal will be to break down and simplify these programs so others will understand them better. Also, to share the simplest and easy steps to help others succeed. The first step is to understand that these offers work better with the more persons involved for many reasons. The more people the bigger the checks is the bottom line. This is the Key to making the most money for all of us.

I will be showing you ways to get people involved and not feel like you are pestering your friends and acquaintances. I will share my setbacks and of course the progress as we go. This is fun for me and I hope you all will enjoy my input. Also, I need many more great partners and students to jump in and get started and feel free to join me at any time. I will do my best to design a game plan that works for all of us. Again, simply helping and sharing are two keys to your success.

Is a MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

I get this a lot from people. The answer is of course NOT! A pyramid scheme is first off illegal and does not offer a legit product. A multi-level marketing offers products or services that we get paid for delivering to consumers in the the market place. A legit business. A pyramid is simply money changing hands and with no product and most lose money on promises never kept and no one but a few make the money others lost and that is why a pyramid is illegal. We would not even consider a Pyramid Scheme and all my MLM’s offer products and or services for your customers to use not money schemes.

This is going to be my Reality of my MLM business.

I am in two MLM’s right now. I have learned several things. One of the greatest ways to earn money with MLM’s is to have as many people that you can help duplicate these systems for your success. I have many students that I mentor and friends and acquaintances that have a lot of questions how this works and how it can make them money. Again, my passion is to share how to make money and this can be quite a lucrative business. I will be sharing progresses and struggles so you can learn in your business,

My MLM’s

multi Level Marketing

The first MLM, as of 3/1/2017, I am earning as a Ruby-I level and soon to be level Ruby-II is The Game Loot Network. This is a Mobile app game launching platform and the first of its kind. There is so much upside and they will be launching new games for your mobile device each and every month or so. They like themselves to the I-tunes store for mobile gaming apps. The mobile gaming app business is a digital business so you do not need to buy inventory. Just go to the Google app store and Apple app store for free digital downloads of our products. We just added a couple of people and now we have 2 Ruby I’s in our downline and growing.

This is in a multi billion dollar industry that is growing worldwide at an incredible pace. The Game Loot (GL) network is now available in over 100 countries worldwide in just a short time and growing. Please go here to see my plan for success on section 3 “The Greatest Way” on my game Loot Network page…

The second MLM is Direct Cellars Premium Wine of the month club. This is a fine wine club that has just switched its marketing to a MLMMulti level Marketing platform. We market premium wines that are from wineries worldwide. These are not found at the local market and they are delivered in the USA for free shipping to your doorstep. This allows you to try new fine wines  that are delivered to your door. Also, Direct Cellars helps you to expand your knowledge of fine wines. Wine now out sells beer in the USA and has been around for over 5000 years. In addition, fine Wine is a multi billion dollar industry in a high demand market. All good things and easy to promote. This is where to go to get more information on Direct Cellars…

My rank title was a Wine Critic as of 3/1/2017. Now on 3/16/2017 I just earned a Wine Specialist ranking, now moving up the chain. I have only been in this MLM for a couple months now. My mentor has been putting a lot of people in my downline and now have over 25 people and earning some income already. That is what our team does! I will be adding more updates as I get going. I have the responsibility of adding more people to help the ones in my downline to achieve their goals. This is crazy, the earnings potential. For more information you can email me direct at drcourtright29@gmail .com. Also, I have included the above Wine Wednesday audio call in that our team does every Wednesday. This conference call is the same phone numbers and same time each week. If you have time, listen in and get informed and see a little more of our team concept then contact me to get started with your own wine business.

Ok now a third MLM… is close and will have more info soon… stay connected.

Oh now we have more fun to talk about! We just rolled out Hyten Global and we have several persons already in our downline, 7 or 8 already. This offer is a discount Travel Membership that offers super Health Products as well. In addition, a large amount of this company is dedicated to helping and promoting the Project H.O.P.E. charities all around the world. This is available in many countries and you have access to over a million hotels at wholesale prices, cheap airfare, trips, cruises and much more. Go here to learn more on Hyten Global.

Team Concept…

You can Join me and sign up in one of my MLM’s from this site. Better yet just email me your concerns and questions at my email: and lets put together a plan that you can work with easy steps to success. This works the best in the team way concept. Also, my team will help you as best as they can to get you on the right path for success from the beginning.

With our team and our group of great mentors we are helping build new members their own teams. We have proven members that already earn thousands a month doing this. To be the best come learn with the best. We care about your success for when you make money we make money. Although, money is not everything it sure helps us all. The best thing is all the help we can provide and experience and just the can do attitude!

I know sometimes I get overly excited, but I do not think that is a bad thing. Our mentors and especially my mentor has worked with me to get me going. They give me that kick in the pants we need sometimes to helps us to focus on the positives and overcome the hurdles of doing our own business. No one said it was going to be easy. The “Team” is the key word that makes this work best to grow our businesses.

MLM Structure…

In a MLM you have downline’s and the team is always promoting to help build our downline. In addition, this builds their business which is the beauty to this duplicatable process. Remember, helping and sharing with others for a common goal leads to success. Whether it is signing up someone in my business or just answering questions our team leaders provide us the tools to drive us forward. Most people fail because they have no direction or quality support given to them to succeed. Again, we have a plan to excel and need you to help us grow. All we need is several persons who can follow instructions and do our easy to do process.

First step…

To Start Today with Doug’s Team email me your contact info and let us make this work for all of us. My email is: send me a note and let’s get your plan underway. You can Text me or call me at (816)-659-3255.

The Fast Start plan is to sign up in all MLM’s or just start with either one of Doug’s MLM’s. Text, Email me, or call to get the best plan for you, this is what I do!

If you want to get started with The Game Loot Network Go Here:

If you want to start with your own Fine Wine club with Direct Cellars go here:

If you want to Travel the world at wholesale prices start here with Hyten Global: